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Guidelines: Keep it short. Don't introduce yourself - we will read your name. If you have a question, use a question-mark at the end of the sentence. Be precise and check your spelling. And really, keep it short!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I have your e-mailaddress?
A: Contact us through the contact-form. If we think it's important enough we will mail you back.

Q: Why isn't your (e-mail)address available on Treave.com?
A: We don't like to be spammed.

Q: Can you call me by telephone or skype?
A: Yes. Send your number through the contact form. Please give us the reason why we should call you.

Q: I have a great idea for Treave! Can I join the team?
A: Get in touch. If we like your idea you can get involved.

Q: I have too many photos, you guys! Do you want them?
A: Yes, please. Fill out the contact-form and we'll be in touch! We have a number of options for you to upload multiple images.

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