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North America: travel & holiday

Area: 24,490,000 km2 (9,460,000 sq mi)
Pop: 514,600,000

North America is the name of the continent to the north of South America it lies between the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. It has an area of ​​24,346,000 km ².

Travel to the United States is always in demand. Cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco have many exuberant, alluring and magical attractions. Those who have been in New York will always return.

America should also be known for its beautiful flora and fauna. From the Rocky Mountains to the Niagara Falls. Glaciers, deserts, steppes, mountains, the United States seems to have something for everyone.

Not to forget North America and Canada which are now becoming a great holiday location. Greenland is increasing in popularity more and more everyday, since many people wish to witness this wonder before it melts away.

Bermuda is not only known for its mysterious triangle and disappearing ships, but it is seen as a great holiday destination.

Wherever your vacation is in North America, there is always a lot to see and experience.

Last added destinations in North America


Vrijheidsbeeld (Statue of Liberty)

New York, United States

Located on a 12 acre island, the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States and is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated...


Agave Southwestern

New York, United States

Smooth adobe walls, spruce-fir-latticed ceilings and flickering candles help create the stylishly relaxed vibe. Sit by the tall front windows watching West Village strollers, or settle into the warm, spacious back dining room. An informed, friendly...


Cumin Club

Rochester, United States


Elizabeth's Of Eastgate

Rochester, United States



San Antonio, United States


Factory on Fourth

Columbus, United States



Wilmington, United States


Aquarium du Québec

Sainte Foy, Canada

Dive into the sea, in Québec City. Come and meet the 10,000 marine animals that inhabit the Aquarium: fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and sea mammals. Among them, the famous polar bears, walruses, and seals will provide you with unique...


Queens Botanical Garden

New York, United States

As in the Bronx in Queens are also beautiful Botanical Gardens. The gardens in Queens have a stricter policy than in The Bronx and it is also not recommended to visit. Gardens with (small) children The Botanical Gardens in Queens can be...



Chicago, United States

The word Acanto is the Italian translation of Acanthus – the flowery leaf used extensively in Roman architecture and by famed architect Louis Sullivan in his distinctive terracotta ornamentation found on the facade of the historically landmarked...

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Photos of North America

Dish from Sakanaya in Champaign


(© Sakanaya)

The Plimoth

The Plimoth

(© The Plimoth)

Alamo Restaurant entrance

Alamo Restaurant

(© The Alamo Restaurant)

Logo of The Bridge Pizza


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(© Smokeys)

Chicken The Harvest Grille


(© The Harvest Grille)

Drinks go well with the fine food in the local.


(© the local)

Pizza's @ The Red Tomato Pizzeria


(© The Red Tomato Pizzeria)

Wedding-cake @ Sweet Shop


(© Sweet Shop)

Bar in The Tavern at Maeystown


(© The Tavern at Maeystown)

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