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Fast Eddies Bon-Air


Address: 1540 E. 4th St.

Postal code: 62002

City: Alorton

Telephone: +1 618-462-5532

Website: https://fasteddiesbonair.com


The Legend begins with beer-Busch beer to be exact. But this was just the beginning. In 1921 Anheuser Busch decided to open a drinking establishment in the picturesque river town of Alton IL. A yellow brick building known as Bon Air was constructed on the corner of three streets, 4th, Pearl, and Broadway. Approximately ten years later, Busch had to sell the tavern due to a change in the statutes, which prohibited breweries from owning drinking establishments.

Sam Balaco and later his son Lotteo, owned and operated the Bon Air for 50 years. Then, in 1981 in a move that would change history forever, Eddie Sholar Sr. “Fast Eddie” purchased Bon Air. Things began to change- FAST!

In the 27 years that Fast Eddie Sr. Owned and operated Bon Air it quadrupled in size going from 80 chairs (and a few cases of beer) to over 400 chairs. Live music and a food bar were added due to popular demand. The small inexpensive food menu were all ideas inspired by the “old Las Vegas” atmosphere. The food bar serves good quality eats at a cheap price. What started as a one grill operation is now a nine grill bar that has served millions. These events turned a small bar into the Hot Spot of the Midwest!

With the retirement of Fast Eddie Sr. soon approaching, Eddie Sholar Jr. Purchased the barin 2008. In another history changing event Fast Eddie Jr. Made his ideas a reality with a major expansion, purchasing the adjacent street. A huge outdoor patio was built adding 500 more chairs and two large bars. The patio is cool in the summer and warm in the winter making it a perfect setting all year round! A giant stage offers live music and even had a visit by the Stanley Cup! What started almost a Century ago as a small-town bar has become a destination place for people all over the world, some even say the #1 volume bar in the country! It now has A half Million customers per year enjoying over 50,000 cases of beer and an average of 1000 burgers sold per day! With nearly 7000 21st birthdays being celebrated yearly; it has become a rite of passage for the newly of age to come in and receive a coveted 21st birthday t-shirt! Fast Eddie’s has a fun party atmosphere for all alike, so if your 21 and in the mood visit the world-famous Fast Eddie’s Bon Air and see what it’s all about!

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