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Tasmania: Travelling & Vacation

Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state and the most decentralised and geographically diverse.

In fact, although it is about the size of West Virginia, the Republic of Ireland or Hokkaido, Japan, the landscape can change from rainforested valleys and highland lakes to long white beaches within a 90-minute drive.

And the climate is maritime and mild.

If you want to lace up your boots and head for the wild or wind your way leisurely through the Tamar Valley vineyards, it is here you will find the information you need to create your ideal Tasmanian holiday.

It is one of the world's most mountainous islands and while our peaks do not tower to great heights, they are unique in their serrated profile. Our geology reflects our connection millions of years ago to Antarctica, and we are one of the few places in the world where ancient dolorite rocks dominates the landscape.

Our climate is mild and our rainfall regular. The Roaring Forty winds that travel across our island bring with them the cleanest air in the world. But in less than 300 kilometres the weather patterns change dramatically. On the west coast the average rainfall is around three metres a year, while on the east coast it's less than 20 centimetres.

Tasmania’s isolation from mainland Australia has ensured the survival of many plants, animals and birds that are rare, or even extinct, elsewhere in the country. Visitors are often surprised at how accessible Tasmania’s native wildlife is. In many areas on even a short bushwalk you can come across a pademelon, wombat or wallaby.

If you are lucky you will see the one of our most endangered birds, the 40-spotted pardalote - Maria and Bruny islands are their preferred environments. Of the many birds that make Tasmania their home 12 are endemic.

Many of the animals are nocturnal, so your best chance of spotting one is in the evening. Because many of the animals are active at night, we ask all visitors to take particular care when driving at dusk or after dark.

Tasmania's marine animals are among its most impressive wildlife, ranging from magnificent southern right whales surging past our east coast to delicate sea dragons drifting near forests of giant kelp. You can cruise beside some of the highest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere in search of seals, dolphins and albatrosses. But even many easily accessible beaches offer up their secrets at dusk, as little penguins waddle in from the ocean beneath clouds of shearwaters returning to their burrows.

Because our oceans are still clean "forests" of giant kelp - the fastest growing plant in the world - are found off the east coast; perfect for diving.

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