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Oceania: travel & holiday

Oceania is the collective name given for a large number of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Usually the region is split into three major island groups:

* Polynesia
* Melanesia
* Micronesia

In a wider perspective also New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australia are counted. Some people state the continent is Oceania, which is regarded wrong by others as they only accept the continent of Australia.

The difficulty lies in the definition. One can argue that its a separate Oceania continent, although clearly not a continent.

Last added destinations in Oceania


Three Willows

Red Hills, Tasmania

Three Willows Vineyard B & B • Deloraine Three Willows Vineyard at Deloraine in Tasmania offers exciting, cool climate wines, hand-made in the traditional way. We invite you to taste the difference. Bed and breakfast accommodation Three...


Bumas Hotel

Sanur, Indonesia

Since 1994, this family owned Hotel located in Sanur village have had the privilege to welcome visitors from around the globe. The hotel is situated just a few blocks from the beach and is set in tranquility of a secluded lush of tropical...


Froggies Divers

Manado, Indonesia

When you are looking for a wealth of comfort set up in the form of cozy bungalows, then Froggies Divers is the perfect place for you. A small dive resort and PADI operation on Bunaken Island, Froggies Divers offers diving guests an incredible...


Saung Angklung Udjo

Bandung, Indonesia

Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU) is one–stop cultural workshop, consists of : performance venue, bamboo handicraft centre, and bamboo instrument workshop. Apart from that, SAU has an honorable function as an educational laboratory and training centre to...


Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls, Tasmania

Liffey Falls waterfalls are nestled in the Great Western Tiers about an hour drive from Launceston and a half hours drive from Devonport. For years, the waterfalls can only be reached on foot, about an hour's walk upstream. The route still...


Wellington Zoo

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington Zoo is a magical place of learning and fun, leaving visitors with a sense of wonder and respect for nature and a belief in the need for a sustainable co-existence between wildlife and people. Wellington Zoo is New Zealand’s first...


Lake Argyle

Kununurra, Australia

Massive Lake Argyle is one of the most spectacular attractions in Western Australia offering boat cruising, fishing and an abundance of native animals and birds. Lake Argyle is the biggest man made lake in Australia. It’s several times larger than...


Roebuck Bay

Broome, Australia

Roebuck Bay is one of Broome’s most beautiful natural attractions. The changing colours in the ebb and flow of Roebuck Bay are amazing. At low tide, the milky turquoise waters retreat to expose a horizon of mud flats. During the cooler months you...


Auckland Zoo

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Zoo has New Zealand's largest collection of animals and is recognised as one of the most progressive zoos in the world. A winner of national and international environmental-related awards, it is home to 117 different species and over 700...


Auckland Botanic Gardens

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Botanic Gardens is a young garden by world standards, but our unique designs are creating a garden of distinctive character. Auckland Botanic Gardens was opened in 1982 and now has over 10,000 plants from all over the world.

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Popular cities in Oceania

Glen Forrest, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Broome, Australia
Kununurra, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Heybridge, Tasmania
Red Hills, Tasmania
Liffey Falls, Tasmania

Photos of Oceania

one of the two pools this hotel has to offer

First pool

(© treave.com)

Before the show the musical instruments on Saung Angklung Udjo

Before the show...

(© Saung Angklung Udjo)

Porcupines in the Wellington Zoo


(© Wellington Zoo)

One of the rooms at Hotel Auckland.


(© Hotel DeBrett)

The dining room of Blueberry Bed & Breakfast

Dining Room

(© Blueberry)

The Maritime Museum in Sydney

Maritime Museum

(© ANMM)

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