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Museums in Asia

A total of 2 museums is found.


Beijing Museum Of Natural History

Bejing, China

Beijing Museum of Natural History grew out of the preparation department of National Central Museum of Natural History founded in 1951. Beijing Museum of Natural History was formally named in 1962. Being the first large-scale museum of natural...


Edo Museum Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

The building was modeled after an elevated-floor type warehouse. At its highest point, it is 62.2m. This is approximately the same height as Edo Castle tower. The whole construction area covers about 30,000 square meters that is 2.4times bigger...

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Top 10 Museums in Asia

Edo Museum Tokyo

Museums on 1-4-1 Yokoami, Sumida-ku,, Tokyo.

Beijing Museum Of Natural History

Museums on 126, Tianqiao St, Bejing.

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Photos of Museums in Asia

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