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Camping Ötztal Längenfeld


Address: Unterlängenfeld 220

Postal code: 6444

City: Längenfeld

Telephone: ++43 / (0)5253-5348

Website: https://www.camping-oetztal.com


Camping in the great outdoors ... ?

Yes, but with the necessary infrastructure and a wide range of leisure activities nearby. That, in brief, is Camping Ötztal Langenfeld throughout the year.

Here you will find anyone who is looking for relaxation, rest assured and entertainment: on the pitch, in the woods, the meadows and on our pastures.

For those who want an active holiday, there are numerous possibilities:
Movement in nature - on foot, by bicycle, inline skates or on horseback - and the best climate in the world ( ! ). A game of tennis, a dip in the pool, a relaxing visit to the thermal bath or a long walk through mountain trails around here ... anything is possible.

Experience water in Langenfeld: off the mountain or from the depths of the earth.
Ice cold snow water flows through winding mountain streams and beautiful waterfalls - which can be 'ice climbed' in winter - to the valley.

The water in your cup of coffee, the shower and the numerous sources of drinking in our village comes from more than a dozen sources in the mountains.

Camping Ötztal Längenfeld on the map of Längenfeld

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