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Hot Spring of Misasa


City: Misasa


An open-air bath on the river beach with an abundance of rustic taste. Nageire-do, the "thrown-in temple," stands in a hollow on a cliff.

The Misasa-onsen Hot Spring is located at the center of Tottori along the Misasa-gawa River, southeast of the center of Kurayoshi City. It has long been known as a representative health resort and therapeutic bath in the San'in region. Kawara-buro, the open-air bath on the river beach near the bottom of the bridge, is a symbol of the Misasa-onsen where you can enjoy the atmosphere and rural life.

Over 10 inns and shops along the streets of Misasa offer displays of artwork, each with different themes and expressing unique characteristics. A morning market is held there every Sunday. You can experience ceramic making and weaving in the Furusato Kenko-mura Park, located on a dry riverbed. In summer, you may also have a chance to see a rare species of frog, the 'kajika.'

In the neighboring areas is Mitoku-san Sanbutsu-ji Temple, a sacred ground for mountain Buddhism. As you climb the rugged mountain path, which takes about an hour, you will see the Nageire-do, or "thrown-in temple," in a hollow halfway up the precipice. Legend has it that a practitioner of asceticism threw the temple up into the hollow from far down below the cliff. Even professional architects have been unable to determine the building method of this structure. Monju-do and a bell tower with a fine view are located along the approach way. You can also enjoy the local specialty - wild vegetables and 'tofu' (soybean curd) dishes at the restaurants in front of Sanbutsu-ji Temple.

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