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Address: Parkhaven 20

Postal code: 3016 GM

City: Rotterdam

Telephone: 010-4364811

Website: www.euromast.nl


The Euromast in Rotterdam, the highest lookout tower in the Netherlands.
The new high-speed automatic elevators take you up to the platforms, which are an experience all on their own. Then take the Space Cabin to experience the sensation of a rocket launch, slowly spinning in orbit up to a height of 185 meters. The cabin returns to the platform by means of retro thrusters.

The Euromast in Rotterdam, the highest lookout tower in the Netherlands, is not easily surpassed. When it was built in 1960 in honour of the international garden festival, the Floriade, it rose 104 meters above the city and its industrious port. During the ten years after its construction, other buildings were built in the Netherlands, rising toward the heavens with the aim of achieving a certain status. By 1970, the Euromast still rose higher than all the other structures. A Space Tower was set atop its mighty shoulders, bringing the Euromast to its current impressive height of 185 meters.

Euromast on the map of Rotterdam

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